Weigh in Wednesday (Week 5)

3 pounds gone

Weigh in Wednesday: (week 5) 

I am down 3.2 pounds this week!
16.4 pounds totally gone, and 65 to go until my goal weight.
6 pounds until I am in OnderLand!!!

What am I noticing? My size 14′s are getting looser! I can pull fabric away from my middle, and I have to keep yanking the pants back up. All good! My walking jacket is def. loose around my mid-section. Very encouraging! I will try on my size 12′s again at month 2 or eight weeks. Unless the 14′s start falling off when I walk. ;)

dr. oz avocado and orange fat burner

I saw something on Dr. Oz a couple of weeks back, and so my hubby and I decided to try it. It was a “natural fat burner” recipe with an orange, and half an avocado. (A salad of sorts) Hubby had it with a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper. I had it just like what you see above. I thought it actually tasted really good! I will def. try it again. IF you try it, or have tried it, let me know what you thought!

walking for weight lossMy walking is getting faster. I went to see Dr. Leif on Saturday and he thinks I have a possible fracture/break of my lower sacrum. I am looking at a 6-8 week recovery. I think he is right. He also said to me if it doesn’t feel any better by mid next week to go in for an x-ray to make sure it is healing. Tomorrow it marks 3 weeks since my fall on the ice. I STILL cannot sit down without the “invalid ring” aka the donut. I have to fold it in half, and I cover it with a t-shirt because the plastic smells so strong. Yuck.

I keep on going. Every day. No excuses. I am thankful I can walk! I am thankful I am still losing weight. I am thankful for my health. #noexcuses #2013 let’s do this!

weigh in wednesday (week 4)


Weigh in Wednesday:

Down 2 pounds this week
13.2 pounds gone forever
68.2 pounds to go

9.2 pounds to get into OnderLand. :) I am now 4 weeks into my plan. I have had obstacles to overcome along the way. I am making no excuses. Even with a really bad tailbone injury, I am still able to walk. I am fortunate that this type of injury is better when standing! Sitting is still very difficult (unless I have a padded chair, sit forward) and driving is not happening for me at this time. Tomorrow it will be 2 weeks since my fall on the ice. Darn it, because I LOVED skating, and I am a good skater!! (and a mega calorie burn) I will def. be back on the ice again to burn calories and have fun with my family. All of the kids want to go ice skating together, which I think would be awesome. I was hoping to start hot yoga in February, but that is a no go because of my injury. So, I continue to walk. I have to keep on moving my body! I forgot how amazing it feels to be active!

two pounds gone It felt great to move two more pieces to the weight gone forever jar! I have been documenting my journey here, and doing more of a daily journey through photos on Instagram. I am also sharing on my Running on Empey Facebook page. I sometimes share on Twitter too as @cathyempey. As a photographer (even though I am not actively pursuing my dreams right now) I like to capture the process. I have been taking self photos of my body through the positive changes I have been making. It feels good to see change, and to actually FEEL change. I feel lighter today, and it feels great. I have a long way to go, and I am so thankful for all of the love and support I receive from so many of you. Thank you.

size 12 jeans almost fit

OK, this is a true picture of where I am at. I am currently wearing size 14 jeans (they are starting to get looser at week 4, and way more comfortable to wear.)  That is me trying on the size 12′s that I have hanging up in my closet waiting for me. I am happy to report they go over my legs now, and over my hips. I cannot do them up. I really dislike sharing this photo, but yah. This is accurate and the truth, and I cannot wait to have a photo of me IN these jeans. A true test of progress right here.


I have been walking every day for no less that 7 km. On the weekends I go for a longer walk with my hubby. This past weekend we walked 11 km and it felt great for both of us. My hubby has now lost just over 15 pounds and he looks great! I am so proud of him. It is certainly nicer to do this together!


I have been walking in a lot of rain this past week. Can you find me in the photo above?

What has been working for me? Recording everything I eat, and do for exercise on My Fitness Pal. Join me there if you wish?! I open my diary for my friends. Find me as “iamfitcat” and it so SO motivating!!

What is looser? My bra band. My shirts and jackets are all looser all over. As I said before my size 14 jeans are feeling way less snug, but totally not ready for those 12′s just yet. I am thinking by the end of Feb/Beginning of March I might be in them?

Inches lost? I just did my body measurements, and in my waist I am down 4″ and in my hips I am down 4″. I am making progress and it is very exciting!

Keeping a positive attitude, and being REAL about everything. I am not going to lie, I eat 3 squares of dark chocolate every night, and I eat 3 cookies every night with decaf coffee. I have learned to enjoy a bit of a splurge and a stray from my regular week day eating. I do this with the promise that on Monday morning, I am back on track. So far, so good. I don’t feel deprived? I feel fantastic!


weigh in wednesday (week 3)

running on empey

Weigh in Wednesday:

Down 1.4 pounds this week
11.2 pounds gone forever
70.2 pounds to go

I am only 11.2 pounds from “OnderLand” and I couldn’t be more excited! It is very possible that by the end of February I will be there, a MONTH ahead of my goal of March 31st. I had a lot of odds against me this past week. My tailbone injury, my monthly cycle. You know. Life. I have decided NO EXCUSES in 2013. I totally could have given up. I didn’t give up, and just felt even more passionate about reaching ALL of my goals. Not just weight loss, but for my life goals. I learned a lot about myself this week. I can DO this. And I can make these healthy changes FOR life. 

running on empey

Small non scale victories (nsv) are sweet. Like a coat that wouldn’t fit just 3 weeks ago (OK it fit, but it was like a sausage casing) and my purple walking jacket (seen on the post) now way looser on my hips! When I began my adventure, it was so tight. I decided I will not buy a larger jacket. (in size large) I also have the same jacket in size small, it is sitting in a closet waiting for me. It will fit by the end of 2013. EVERYTHING will fit by the end of 2013. Never going to give up on my dreams for myself.


running on empey

C’mon feet let’s do this! On Thursday, I took a hard fall onto the ice rink. I have for sure bruised my tailbone, maybe even fractured it. I am thankful that I can still walk. Last week I was not sure I would be able too. This week, not as much pain. I keep icing, and walking, and repeat. #noexcuses #2013letsdothis


running on empey

It was another wet walk out there today. Usually I can walk 7 km in under 70 minutes. As you can see on my Garmin, not the case since my tailbone injury. As I said before, I am just happy I can keep moving forward! With time, I will heal up and I will be stronger than ever! Tomorrow is the last day of January, and I am so happy with the past 3 weeks. I have stayed focussed, on track and motivated. I visualize myself in the best shape of my life. Let’s do this!

weigh in wednesday (week 2)

running on empey

I had my hair cut and coloured this week. In this photo (a selfie) I also notice all of my wrinkles. I could have photoshopped my self, but I chose to just be ME! (grey hairs and wrinkles etc.) THIS IS ME! This is 41. :D


running on empey garmin
It was a very wet walk this morning. I feel every week, that I am walking faster and stronger. I now challenge myself to walk a certain distance, and not a certain time. I read that in a fitness magazine somewhere and thought, yah. I am going to do that! Implemented. :D Anything to keep me moving and encouraged! I am dedicated to walk 5x per week for an hour minimum. I aim for 7 km on the week days.


week two weight loss
And YES! I moved my weigh in from a Monday (last week) to Wednesday’s.  (appropriately named Weigh in Wednesdays) I dropped 4.4 pounds this week. All of my weigh ins from now on will be on Wednesdays. Why did make a change to my weigh in day?  So that if I have a family event/splurge etc/bloating etc. I will have time to lose that by mid week. I love it so far!

Weigh in Wednesday:
(2nd weigh in)

I am down 4.4 pounds this week! 71.6 pounds to go. (9.8 pounds gone total)

What is working for me? 

I am not on a formal weight loss program. I am doing my own thing, recording all of my food and fitness on my fitness pal. I am posting to my Facebook page Running on Empey. I am also posting photos on Instagram and on Twitter @cathyempey. I am so thankful to my family and friends for all of their support and words of encouragement. I am at times overwhelmed with it all. So filled with gratitude. I am so thankful for making this lifestyle change. Small things sure add up quickly, like record what I am eating. Exercise, drink water. Have a positive attitude. Support peeps. This is for LIFE. :D

a year of transformation

2nd place female - cathy empey 2012That was me just over one year ago, on January 1st 2012. See that smile?! That was pure joy! I was 2nd female in. I also ran my fastest 5 km ever. I set a PB for myself. I felt on top of the world! Running was working for me again. I had a great streak of running without injury. I was losing weight, and getting into shape. I deemed 2012 to be the best year ever! And truly I believed it would be that way. Unfortunately shortly after I had another injury and I decided NO MORE RUNNING. (except for the fun Vancouver Color Me Rad in August) I was very tired of disappointment, tired of trying over and over and failing my goals I had set for myself. I had a lot of stuff going on at home that I didn’t want to deal with. I let myself go. Totally let myself go. At the end of the year in 2012, I tried to run once more but my packed on weight and my out of shape ways told me NO. No MORE RUNNING Cathy. It sucked, but hey. I know when I need to step back and learn from my past.

Flash forward to January 2013. I am still not running. I am WALKING. I am eating right. I am heavier than I have been since after having my sixth babe back in 2007. 2008 was all about LOSE WEIGHT and FEEL GREAT. I did that. I lost LOTS of weight. I did that with running and a very restrictive diet. Probably a little too restrictive? Obviously I struggled to keep the weight off ONCE again. See the pattern developing? I was not being realistic in my approach. I just wanted to win a contest, and at the end I placed 2nd in the contest and didn’t even win! After losing, it sucked but I continued on with my restrictions and running. Probably too much running. Especially after just having a baby. Looking back I cringe. Oops. Too much too soon. First running injury ever, and a good one. One that took me out of my marathon training. Another failed goal. For years I have been mad at myself for not being able to reach that goal. I gave up in 2009.

I am an all or nothing type of person. I go in hard, and also fall hard. Life lessons. As I further let myself slip into old patterns towards 2012. I pretty much gave up on myself and my dreams, and in 2012 I also gave up a successful photography business. My weight and self esteem didn’t allow me to continue. Funny, because my niche was boudoir photography and I was ALL about helping ALL women to feel great about themselves. I couldn’t figure out how to help myself.  It was hard to run up the stairs last year. It was hard to tie up my shoes. I lost a lot of motivation. Most of the time I had a fake smile. My body showed signs though. Those were obvious. I made myself that way. It is my life, and nobody made me that way. I made myself this way.

I decided that it was time to make positive, life long changes. I started formulating my plan, to make healthy lifestyle changes and to get into the best shape of my life in 2013. And I am doing it! Here it is January 15, 2013. And I am just over a week into my new life and LOVING it. Hubby is on board right a long with me. I have support like I have never had before! Awesome. I feel great! I feel happy and positive. Small steps did that. And a will to keep going no matter what. Life will always happen. It is my choice to move ahead even with obstacles that might stop me. I choose to keep on going!

I have only lost 5.4 pounds. That small amount of weight loss has mentally helped me so quickly! On the very first day I started (January 7th) my very first day of drinking lots of water, recording my food in myfitnesspal.com as “iamfitcat” and going out for an hour long walk changed me. I was suddenly in control of ME!  I remembered what it felt like to get out there and get moving. I was no longer sad about not running. I was happy that I was able to make healthy changes. I can walk, and I can walk fast! That walk allowed me to feel joy again. To put a bit of pep back in my step.

In just over a week I find myself up easier in the mornings. I am running up and down the stairs again. I am smiling and laughing more. It feels great FANTASTIC to make a choice every day to make 2013 the year I make permanent changes. No longer just temporary. No longer letting things bring me down. No more excuses.

I am a grown women, with a husband and six children who need me. That is enough for me! I am enough!  I may be just in the “bliss” phase of my weight loss process, however I feel so different this time. The changes I have made with the hub, are feeling so right. It is nice to walk with my hub on the weekend, and to plan healthy meals for the whole family. Our kids will benefit too. Cliff has lost almost 10 pounds this week already! I am so proud of him.  

I will keep moving forward with a renewed passion to make my life the way I have always pictured it all along. I just had to take a different path. 2013 Let’s do THIS!



First Weigh in (week 1)

weight loss running on empey

Week one, and I am a weight loss loser! This week I am down 5.4 pounds since the beginning of my weight loss journey on the 7th of January.

5.4 pounds this week

5.4 to date (76 pounds to go) 

This morning I moved over 5 glass beads into my smaller “loser” jar. I can’t wait to start move more over next week! I have 76 pounds to go until I get to my goal weight. I will reach all of my health and fitness goals in 2013! This is my year! No excuses!

My next weigh in will be on Wednesday, January 23rd. I have decided to move my weight ins from Monday to Wednesdays.


my favourite VEGA shake is chocolate

running on empey vega shake


running on empey vega shake


VEGA rocks! Have you tried it? I know to make lifestyle changes I have to enjoy what I am doing every day with regards to fitness and eating. I am not a huge fan of protein, however I am learning to love it as I know it is good for me and my body. So, sometimes a girl wants something sweet. So, I made myself a shake this morning for after my brisk walk.

I have been a big fan of VEGA (clean, plant based nutrition) and so I decided today was the day to make me a yummy a VEGA one chocolate shake. You can see my recipe above.  I put all of my ingredients in the blender, and blended. :D

I took a screen shot from my diary on myfitnesspal.com. It give a breakdown of the calories of everything on the right. I have opened up my diary on there for all to see. There is WAY more info than what you see there.  Keeps me accountable, and on track. My favourite part is the scanner I can use on my iPhone. Awesome! I am working towards my goal. If you are on myfitnesspal.com you can find me on there as “iamfitcat” as the name reflects the direction I am heading this year. My goal is to get into the best shape of my life. :D

Let me know what you think of it!! You can feel free to change my recipe, or if you have a shake idea, please let me know.

Let the weight loss begin! Today is day ONE!

running on empey

You’ve done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination. ~Ralph Marston

There are 81.4 glass pieces in the jar on the left. Each one of them representing one pound. Every Monday I will be weighing in, and whatever the scale shows, I will move over to the right jar. (my weight loss) I hope to fill up the smaller jar on the right by the end of December 2013.  This year is the year I will lose all my weight and get into the best shape of my life. My weight loss and road to health and fitness started this morning at 6:30 when the alarm went off. I got the kids off to school, and went out for my first walk of the year. It was a fast 6.21 km walk around my neighbourhood. I was out there walking for 61 minutes. I can also add two sets of walking to school and back. I am so thankful that I can walk! I am thankful I can make changes. I am thankful for the support. :D

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 1.34.37 PM


A very flattering before and after from modelmydiet.com! My before doesn’t look anything like my true before looks like. The worst of me is in my mid section. Six kids can do that. I am not yet ready to post my before photos. Maybe once I have some progress. So those will have to do for now. :D

I like the after photo, but I know I will like my real one much better! I can’t wait to reach my goals!

I have changed my name on myfitnesspal.com to “iamfitcat” so if you are on there and want to join me, I would love that! I have been drinking all of my water, and recording everything I eat there. I also record all of my fitness there. :D

You can also find me on Pinterest, Facebook, and you can also find me on Instagram. Even though I am not doing photography professionally anymore, I still have a love for photography and great imagery!




weight loss preparation

running on empey

These are all of the clothes that don’t fit me. Half of my closet is full of clothes that don’t fit! Half of my closet doesn’t fit me!  If I got rid of these clothes, I would pretty much be left with a very empty closet. I could get rid of them, but I still love them! I loved me so much better when I was IN them. Some of them I have never even worn! So yah, I will get into them ALL!  I can’t wait! I am motivated in 2013!



running on empey

These are two pieces of clothing I hope to get into by March 31st 2013. The jeans are a tight size 12, and the top is brand new and a large (tighter large). I bought it a bit small hoping to fit into it. I will be wearing both of these items in April! I hung them in the very end of my closet, with a post it note that says 2013 let’s do this! I am going to get into the best shape of my life. In the past, I have had a good body but I can have an even better body!  This is what has been exciting me, and motivating about this whole process.  I have a new outlook this time, and it feels great! Where would I be if I gave up? I am not a quitter! I have a chance at a fresh start. Fitting for a brand new year!



This morning I wrote out my goals for this coming Monday, January 7th until March 31st. I also wrote out some lots of post its to motivate myself. I posted them all over my bathroom mirror. I will change and add to them as I see fit!

I will be posting a lot here, to my Facebook page and to Instagram in the coming weeks. To keep me accountable. This is a lifestyle change. Not a diet. Not a fad thing. It is going to work because I have a real plan this time! In 2008, the weight loss was through running, lots of running. Breastfeeding. My plan was so regimented, and strict. And a weight loss contest that made me feel kind of crazy. I just wanted to win, but I didn’t. I came second, but thankful for the experience. I learned a lot about myself, and my friends. :D That was not real, or how I wanted the rest of my life to look like, or else I would have been successful, no?

I am ready, so ready to make positive changes. I don’t like how I feel inside, or how I look in photos. I am going to change all of those with weight loss preparation and a good solid plan.